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Our Why

Maternal health is one of the greatest indicators of a society's wellbeing.

If birthing people and babies are not taken care of properly, society as a whole is doing poorly.

The maternal health crisis we face here in the United States is an SOS situation.

Disenfranchised communities and their allies all over the country have decided enough is enough and have banded together to make a change. 

 We are a team of licensed RNs, midwives, certified doulas and Perinatal Support Advocates

that offer an array of advocacy and support services to populations of underserved communities in the Columbus and surrounding areas during all stages of pregnancy, birth, 

and up until baby's first birthday - at no cost to them!

While we rely heavily on grant funding to keep us going, it takes the community as a whole to make a tangible change within. You can help today by donating to the cause:

*Disclaimer: Any advice, guidance, education, or coaching provided by this service is derived from the personal and professional experience of the individuals providing the service. Views expressed do not reflect those of any of our current or former employers or any affiliated groups or professional organizations for which we are members or actively engage with. This service does not take the place of routine medical care and/or prenatal visits with a licensed obgyn physician or certified nurse midwife. This service is a supplement to that already established care. We cannot diagnose or treat any known or suspected conditions. 

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